Testimonial – Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson has been with Clinterval Coaching throughout 2018 and here’s what he’s had to say about us:

Cycling is all about levels and personal goals. Just as you think you are a bit tasty by posting a good time or two on Strava, you pitch yourself at the next level and invariably the brutal truth emerges. Club, county, region, national and international – there is always someone to bring you back down to earth. When your coach is Matt Clinton – a UK hillclimb GOAT contender with eight consecutive top three finishes at the nationals – your goals might inevitably appear modest but the dedication and expertise you receive to helping you achieve them is unstinting and laser focussed.

Prior to 2018, it had been a quarter of a century since I had last won a bike race, and 29 years since I won my last club hillclimb championship. I had got close but that incomparable buzz of winning had consistently eluded me.

This year Matt constructed a specialist programme for me that was all about my hill climb goals. It was packed with innovations and personal touches from years of experience to squeeze out those vital percentages. It delivered power PBs at everything distance from 5 seconds to 90minutes. Most satisfying of all was delivering a first club hillclimb title since 1989 (the year my cycling hero Philippa York won her last stage in Le Tour, so errr, quite a while ago), a top three in the South of England Vets Championships and an agonising 1 second off the Masters podium at the Urban hillclimb in London – memories that helped me relive my youth and that I’ll always treasure.

Matt and Clinterval coaching bring unrivalled expert knowledge of time trial and hillclimb training and they personalise every programme to the individual (having my first child this year meant I had to make every hour of training count). Matt is constantly available if you need to ask his advice on any aspect of diet, equipment, race preparation or execution, and cuts through the online spin and blather with simple expert advice. He is an excellent man / person manager – he gives you space and is understanding when life throws up a problem that plays havoc with your training, but also knows when to give you a nudge, encouragement or a listening ear. As you take on your next goal, there’s no coach better able to help you prepare and deliver against your goals.



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